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Gate Repair Services
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It is easy to understand the dynamics of “Garage Door Repair Hicksville” and how far it will go for its clients if you consider that garage door repairs is not its only objective. We are equally excellent gate repair professionals and have the capacity to help you out when you are dealing with specific problems or just need maintenance. We are top installers and accuracy is our distinct mark since gate services require precision, immediate response and huge knowledge. Rest assured that our teams cover all these requirements to a great extent and are here to provide full, fast and outstanding services.

Excellent services by well-trained and equipped teams

Gate Repair in HicksvilleWe are experts of swing and rolling gates, and although we mostly deal with residential systems, we are equally knowledgeable of all commercial ones as well. The range of our repair services is unlimited but our capacity and the results of our work are always astonishing. Here are some of the things we can offer you.

Residential gate opener services
When you need a new opener, our staff will gladly help you in choosing the right one. We provide information, guidance and order your new operator from your preferred manufacturer. The replacement is done with great care as we remove the old opener and install the new one. The service takes places whenever it is convenient for you and rest assured that our technicians always take into consideration the UL 325 regulations. We give attention to the safety features when we maintain and repair the system as well and are here for urgent needs.

Installation of all gates and parts
When the problems of the existing gate are beyond repair or you just need a fresh look at your home entrance, we are here to install a new steel gate for you. We are experts in all types and brands and you can be certain of our accuracy regardless of the weight, size or peculiarities of your new gate. We are equally careful when we install new parts and we always test their efficiency and movement before leaving.

Rolling gate maintenance
As experts in rolling gates, our maintenance service is meticulous and includes a good look and troubleshooting of all parts. We test the sensors, check the tracks, wheels and every little part and make sure they are lubricated, repaired, adjusted and tightened.

24 hour emergency repairs
Call us 24/7 when you need gate repairs urgently. Whatever compromises the security of your property or the safety of your family is an emergency, and treated as such by our company. Our service trucks are filled with tools and we arrive fast to your location for immediate repairs.

Gate clicker and keypad replacement
Whether you have a clicker or a keypad, you can rely on our services. If they are broken, damaged or the remote is lost, we will replace them. We are here to tell you which your choices are and you can be sure that our replacement service is impeccable and fast.

You can always rely on our services because they are carried out by our serious and responsible technicians whose knowledge and expertise will exceed your expectations. Whatever your needs, consider them covered! Garage Door Repair Hicksville has both the means and expertise to keep its promises. So, don't hesitate to contact us for any reason!

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